The Givi Easy Range – Touring on your terms.

French Alps Givi Luggage

Touring here with your Givi Easy Range Luggage?

Think Touring has to be this?



The word conveys images of alpine heights and twisting valley roads, exotic countries and their peoples.  Adventures and challenges, trips that are literally life changing events spanning days, weeks or months away. Well there is another image that people come up with when considering touring, long motorway hours, wet weather, financial costs and bulky luggage equipment and their responsibilities that cannot be left unattended.


Givi luggage easily survives wet motorway trips.

Or surviving the European weather with your Givi Easy Range Luggage

Or worried it’s just this?


If you fall into the second camp then you’re with me.  But motorcycle touring is a much more flexible term than you might think.  You can take a beautiful scenic route along the coast with the sun, sea and surf as your company, through the large local hill ranges for the dramatic views and do an overnight stop at a great Bed and Breakfast.  These are all on your doorstep and you absolutely do not need bulky, expensive equipment, wet motorways or abandoned responsibilities in order to get in on this.

I’m going to be showing you that you can get seriously good quality motorcycle luggage that will allow you to take that extended picnic, the night or weekend away without breaking the bank, pulling your bike apart or getting any other fitting components whatsoever, it will be touring, but touring on your terms.

I’m going to be kicking off this mini series on the Givi Easy Range throughout the week so keep checking back for updates. If you don’t want to wait to get your hands on Givi luggage then get yourself over to and see their range of  bike gear don’t forget to grab your discount codes from facebook!

‘Til next time guys.