The Givi A31 Universal Motorcycle Screen.

If you need a replacement screen for your motorcycle then you should spend some time considering the Givi screens available.  They make a good selection to cover most bike types from specific shields and universal screens for classics and cafe racers.

Today I’m going to be taking a look at the A31 Givi screen.


Givi Screen A31

The Givi A31 Screen

Made from high quality polished glass with a light tint the screen has improved aerodynamic properties over older style glass shields and is lighter too.  The mild smoked tint is perfect for removing summer and winter glare whilst affording substantial protection from rain and the elements. You can see from the picture that the tint has no distortion or interference with it and has great clarity. So if you’re in need of a great quality replacement screen for your bike then give Givi a look.








Givi A31 Universal Screen

Givi A31 Universal Screen


Thanks to our Stacey for modelling the screen you can get a realistic sense of size, level of smoke tint and clarity of the screen here.

The A31 doesn’t come with any fitting solutions in case you have parts you wish to use of your own. If you don’t have anything to hand then Givi also make a robust fitting solution called the, d45 fitting kit.

Until next time guys… HBW.