T449 Soft Panniers – Touring on Your Terms.

First up in the touring on your terms series is…


The Givi Easy T449 Panniers.


Givi Easy Range t449 Soft Panniers

Givi Easy Range t449 Soft Panniers


The first thing you notice about these Givi Easy Range panniers is the thick cut heavy polyester construction on the body.  These panniers will last for years.  The finishing is done to a standard that you canreally appreciate.  With reflective scotchlite piping, soft edging and double stitched seams along with waterproof zips the design process on these panniers has not been neglected.  The panniers expand or shrink down a with heavy duty concertina zip that operates with little snagging, useful when trying to get the job done with a pair of motorcycle gloves on.

Each pannier holds 35 Litres when expanded.  That’s enough for two complete changes of clothes, including shoes and plenty of room spare for wallets, phones, maps, lunchboxes etc.  I even got my motorcycle boots in on top of all that without stretching them.  Don’t forget that this is just for one pannier, there is all this space yet available in the other one.

Their considerable width when expanded handily concertinas down into a compact, neat form, in addition to this the meshed ergonomic carry handles thankfully make a simple job just that.

These panniers rival Givi Top Boxes in capacity, ease of use and build quality. Recommended.

Now you can take these mini breaks, sight-seeing, and break into the world of touring.  Touring on your terms.

What is it?

Large pannier set with easy fitting and expandability.

What can it hold?

4 sets of clothes, shoes, boots, lunchboxes, tent equipment etc.

What else do I need to buy to use this?

Nothing, it’s good to go as is.

How much does it cost?

Between £50-60, Ghostbikes.com sell it cheap – remember to use your discount codes from facebook to get even more discount.


I will be publishing more in the “Touring on your terms” mini-series throughout the week so keep checking back for updated information, guides and product focus. ‘Til next time.