Bike Overview – Yamaha FZ6 S2 07-09

The FZ6 is one of the most versatile middleweight bikes on the market, and they look and sound great too.  Consistently getting high reviews, Givi have heavily invested in Yamaha’s middleweight and created a wide range of fitting solutions for the FZ6 S2.


In order to mount a topbox to the bike you will need the specific arms, the 351FZ. Once the arms are on you decide which type of topbox you want, the monokey or the monolock.  See here for a seperate guide detailing the differences between the two types of topbox.

You use the arms to mount either a monokey or monolock plate depending on what kind you need.  The monokey plates that are accepted on these arms are either the M5 plate which comes in black nylon and will accept a Givi brake light kit, or the M11 which is finished in steel but will not accept a brake light kit.  For the monolock plate you need the M5M plate.

You now have the arms, correct plate and your choice of topbox fitted and ready to go.


Givi 351FZ & PL360

Givi T351 soft pannier support & 351FZ arms.



In order to fit panniers with the 351FZ arms you need the tubular pannier holder, PL360, these holders will take any Monokey pannier except the V35 Monokey Side cases which instead need the PLX360 pannier holder.

The PL360 pannier holders are reliant on the arms being present, however if you need to fit panniers and you don’t want a top box (Which uses the arms) then you will need the 351kit, the important thing to note here is that this kit will not work with the PLX360.  If you want to v35 Givi panniers, it relies on the PLX360 pannier holders, which rely on the 351FZ arms. Phew.

If you wish to use the Givi soft panniers and have no need for a plate then there is a pannier support available called the T351 which holds soft panniers free from exhausts etc, similar to the PL360 it requires either the 351FZ arms or the 351KIT if you do not need a topbox.


Givi T351

Givi T351

Givi T351 soft pannier support & 351FZ arms.


There is a specific, transparent screen available called the 440D designed for the faired version of the bike and is 19cm higher than the factory standard, a specific fitting kit for this screen is available called the D440KIT.

If you need a tinted screen then there is one available called the D441S, it is 16cm higher than the factory standard and does not require an additional fitting kit like the 440D does.

A specific fitting kit is available for the non-faired version of the bike designed to support the screens 245A, 245N 246 etc.

In addition to this there is a specific engine guard, the TN358 available.




Givi FZ6 Fazer 600

Givi FZ6 Fazer 600

Fully fitted FZ6 Fazer 600 S2 07-09


That’s it for this bike overview,  keep checking back for more bikes added each week.