Givi Range of Hard Panniers

After a set of Givi Hard Panniers?   Let me walk you through them.

There are two main fittings for hard panniers with Givi.  The Monokey and the Monokey “Side”.  The regular Monokey is the same system that we all know and love, high quality single key lock and detach design with high load bearance.

The Monokey “Side” is a relatively new system introduced by Givi to hold the panniers closer to the bike’s frame and thus increases stability of the bike through mass centralisation and lessened wind turbulence.  The systems are not compatible with one another so you need to carefully examine the fitting options available for your bike before selecting your panniers.  Try not to select panniers and then see if they will fit your bike as sometimes you cannot have what you really wanted and we don’t like to see grown men and women cry!

Ok so here we go..!


The Givi Trekker Topbox.

First on the list is the rather large and shiny Givi Trekker. It comes in two sizes, 46l and 33lt, it is traditionally a Monokey topcase but gives a good showing as panniers too.  You just need to make sure that you’re buying two of them rather than a set of dedicated panniers.  Givi recommends that if your bike has it’s exhaust pipe along one side of the bike then fitting the larger Trekker case on the opposite of the exhaust, and the smaller 33 Lt Trekker case alongside the exhaust a natural balance can be achieved.


Givi Trekker Panniers

Givi Trekker Panniers

Trekker Panniers, Trekker Topbox, he loves it.


The Givi E41 Keyless Panniers.

Next up we have the Givi E41 Keyless panniers.  These rather smart Panniers are specifically designed unlike the Trekkers that are both a topcase and pannier.   As such they are more streamlined and you get two of them in a set rather than just one.  Called Keyless for a reason; the panniers are sealed with a combination lock.  Each one holds a substantial 41 lt and there are optional, removable internal bags made for them as well. Nice.


Givi E41 keyless Panniers

Photo copyright Goulash from

The Givi E41 Keyless panniers are usually bigger than people think when looking at them online or on paper.


The Givi E36/E45 Topbox.

Similar to the Trekker, the E36 has a larger brother, the E45. Whilst looking identical the E45 offers ~25% more usable space inside and has this classic briefcase look about it.  Don’t forget that this is a topbox and so if you want to use them as panniers you’ll need two of them!  Again remember that if you have an asymmetric exhaust on your bike then you can toy with the idea of having one larger and one smaller pannier to even out the bulk and weight of the exhaust system.


Givi E45 Panniers

Givi E45 Panniers copyright Birdie_XX

Sleek yet substantial, the E45 Panniers/Topcase.



The Givi E360

The Givi E360 is another solo topcase that can serve as a Monokey pannier when bought in tandem.  You might expect this one to hold 36 litres right? Wrong. The £360 has a 40 litre capacity, there is no smaller or larger version of the same design so will be best suited to bikes with centralised or symmetrical exhaust systems.


E360 Panniers

E360 Panniers - Copyright Sven

Quietly Confident, the Givi E360 Panniers.


The Givi E21 Cruiser Panniers.

A dedicated set of panniers designed for cruisers and road bikes they cannot take the usual Monokey load of 10kg, they’ll only hold 5kg however since that is more than 3 helmets in weight there is never usually a problem.  Holding a tidy 21 litres each they come with optional chromed bolts and finishings if you’re a HOG or wannabee – Nice!.


Givi E21 Panniers

Givi E21 Panniers

Style and substance with the Givi E21 cruiser panniers.


That wraps up the Monokey range except for one particular exception to the rule that I mentioned earlier, the Monokey Side system, it has the same one key for all functionality similar to the regular Monokey range but the Monokey Side range can only hold panniers and not any of the above panniers or top cases.  Remember they are not compatible with each other.  The advantages to this are that Givi have made a fitting system that sits more flush with the bike creating a more streamlined, coherent form.  At the moment the only Panniers available for this new Monokey Side case fitting is:

The Givi v35 Panniers.

These new style panniers are exclusive to the Monokey Side fitting kit and as such are closer and sleeker than it’s counterparts on the Monokey Range with better aerodynamic properties and easier fitting.

Givi Monokey Side Panniers V35

Givi Monokey Side Panniers V35 Copyright Agmom98

That’s all the of hard panniers in the current Givi range, this list will grow as they add more to the collection and remember that the V35 side cases will not work with any other monokey panner fitting system, it’s different!

Kind Regards;