Bike overview – Suzuki GSF Bandit S K7-8

The fitting solution, the arms and the plates.


There are specific arms called the 539FZ that are made for this bike and are required in order to hold either the Monokey topboxes or the Monolock topboxes.


539FZ Givi Specific Monorack Arms
539FZ Givi Specific Monorack Arms

If you fancy one of the Monolock Boxes then you will need the matching monolock plate, the M5M. If you decided that you would prefer a Monokey Box then you need the Monokey plate which comes in two forms.  The M5, or the M11. The M11 plate is finished in steel and will not accommodate a Givi brake light kit, whereas the M5 is finished in nylon black, and will accommodate the brakelight kit.


The PL539 tubular pannier holders will accommodate Monokey Panniers unless the panniers are the v35 panniers, in which case Givi have made a specific kit for those in the form of the PLX539.



There is a specific fitting kit, the A168A for the bike if you want the Universal screens 245A or the 245N.

There is a specific screen called the D262s which is higher than the factory original for added wind protection.

Givi Screen D262S
The Givi Screen D262S

There is also a specific engine guard called the TN539, which Givi recommend a mechanic fit for you.


Givi TN539 Engine Guard

Givi TN539 Engine Guard

The Givi TN539

That wraps up this bike overview, I’ll be writing a whole lot more so keep checking back.