Bike Overview – Honda CBF600 S/N ’04 – ’09

Awarded 5 stars for quality and reliability by MCN the CBF600 S/N offers a sprightly step into motorcycling for new riders and people getting back into biking.  Massively popular and good looking too Givi have all the fittings covered.


In order to mount a givi topbox to the bike you will need the specific arms, the 260FZ. Once the arms are on you decide which type of topbox you want, the Monokey or the Monolock.  See here for a seperate guide detailing the differences between the two types of topbox.  One point to mind is that the Givi arms are not compatible with the Honda original side case holder so if your bike has these installed then they will need to be removed.

The arms will allow the mounting of either a Monokey or Monolock plate depending on what kind of luggage needs you have.  The monokey plates that are accepted on these arms are either the M5 plate which comes in black nylon and will accept a Givi brake light kit, or the M11 plate which is finished in steel but will not accept a brake light kit.  For the monolock plate you need the M5M plate.

You should now have the arms, correct plate and your choice of topbox fitted and ready to go!


Givi 260FZ 

Givi 260FZ Arms with PL174 hard pannier supports


In order to fit panniers with the 260FZ arms you need the tubular pannier holder, the PL174. These holders will take any Monokey pannier except the V35 Monokey Side cases which instead require the PLX174.

The PL174 pannier holders are reliant on the Monorack 260FZ arms being present. If you need to fit panniers and you don’t want a top box then you are limited to using the v35 Monokey Panniers which can be fitted onto the rapid release pannier rack, the PLXR174, or the non-rapid release, the  PLX174 along with a PLX174KIT. The important thing to note here is that this kit will not work with the regular PL174 nor the regular Monokey Panniers,  it’s for the v35 Panniers only.

If you wish to use the Givi soft panniers rather than the hard ones and have no need for a topbox then there is a solo pannier support available called the T218 which holds the panniers away from the bike’s exhaust system.


There is a specific, transparent screen available called the D303ST which is clear and designed for the faired version of the bike. It is 12.5cm higher than the factory standard and is a direct replacement which does not require an additional fitting kit for this.

There are no specific tinted screens as a direct replacement however Givi make a range of universal tinted screens that would be suitable as long as your bike is naked/not faired.

In addition to this there is a specific engine guard, the TN369 available for bikes that are for bikes ’04 – ’07 and the TN456 for bikes from ’08 – ’09.



Givi Honda CBF600

Givi Honda CBF600

Givi Honda CBF600


That’s it for this bike, be sure to keep checking back in the future for more bike overviews and how to fit them.