Bike Overview – BMW R1200 GS 04-09

Widly seen as the king of the heavyweight all round on/off road trial and tourers, the BMW1200 GS is one of BMW’s crowning achievements for their motorcycle division.  The bike is capable and confident and is well supported by Givi.



To mount top boxes to the BMW R1200 GS there are several options available.

1.  If you wish to keep the original side case from BMW then you can use the SR692 which is an aluminium finished plate for Monokey cases.  Because the plate is not a replacement entirely it can only hold 6 Kg instead of the usual 10Kg.

2. If you need the plate to hold 10Kg then a replacement part for the original rack Givi part number SR689, that is compatible with the original side case holder but as mentioned, replaces the original rack and contains the Givi M5 plate for Monokey Cases.

3. There is a final plate, the SR684 which can be fitted to the original BMW rack, but won’t fit with the side cases.  This plate is in heavy plastic and includes the M5 plate for Monokey Cases.

Side Cases

There are two separate pannier holders for the GS.

1. The PL684, which is the regular pannier holder designed for Monokey cases.

2. The rapid release pannier holders for Monokey boxes part PLR684.



Givi PL684

Givi PL684


Specific screens

There are two specific screens available for the GS.

1. The 330DT screen which is transparent and measures 51.5cm by 56.5cm and is 14.5 cm higher than the original, you require the fitting kit for this screen which is the D330KIT.

2. An AF330, is a specific sliding windscreen which comes with it’s own fitting kit. Max height of 54cm with adjustment of 12cm.

Givi AF330 screen.
Givi AF330 screen.


Engine Guard

If you need an engine guard then Givi make on, the TN689 which protects the underside of the bike from impacts.


Givi TN689 Engine Guard
Givi TN689 Engine Guard


That rounds up this bike overview – keep your eye out for more heavyweights.