How much is a litre? Capacity of Givi Luggage.

Givi Easy Range T481 at

When looking at luggage solutions for your bike they are all listed by their litre sizes.  Whilst there isn’t anything practical that is more accurate than this I know that I personally would struggle to be able to tell the difference between 26 litres and 30 litres.  Obviously one is bigger than they other but [...]

Bike Overview – BMW R1200 GS 04-09

Givi AF330 screen.

Widly seen as the king of the heavyweight all round on/off road trial and tourers, the BMW1200 GS is one of BMW’s crowning achievements for their motorcycle division.  The bike is capable and confident and is well supported by Givi.   Topboxes To mount top boxes to the BMW R1200 GS there are several options available. 1. [...]

Givi Easylock Tanklock system


One of the biggest qualms of choosing motorcycle luggage is the long process of fitting it quickly, easily and safely, with the in mind Givi Luggage developed a revolution locking system called Givi Easylock Tanklock system” There are 4 products in the soft luggage collection that use this unique system. TPH02 TANKLOCK Thermoformed tank bags are [...]

Givi Soft Luggage


Givi sells a range of soft cases which is an alternative in some situations to their Hard cases. The soft cases can be easily adaptable to any motorbike and scooter due to Givi’s Universal mounting kit which consists of magnets and belts.They have gradually improved their soft Luggage through out the years by creating bags [...]

Difference between Givi Monolock & Monokey technology


The most common question asked about  Givi cases is: “What is the difference between Givi’s Monolock and Monokey cases”. They are both actually quite good but it all defers and depends on your individual needs. To understand the difference you must first understand what a Monolock and Monkey case is. Monokey is the patented locking system that GIVI uses. [...]