Protect your Sat Nav with the Givi S850.

If you have a sat nav for your car and a motorcycle in the garage then you will probably have some experience of setting off for a ride with your sat nav wedged in a pocket or under the seat and either stopping then digging it out for further information or trying to half look at it whilst riding.

Doing that is ok except that when you are unexpectedly re-routed either by an accident or roadworks or some other diversion.  What if it’s not safe to stop and check directions, what do you do if it is chucking it down with rain?

You can either buy one of the specific Satellite Navigation systems for a motorcycle and pay a fortune for it or could take a look at one of the weatherproof sat nav covers from Givi.


Givi s850 Sat Nav Holder

Givi s850 Sat Nav Holder

The Givi Sat Nav holder, the Givi S850 is a flexible, tough & waterproof shell for your existing sat nav. Non-slip base with a robust strapping system ensures that this holder will stay firm when you need it to, weatherproof seals allow charging even in wet weather and there is room inside to contain bluetooth add ons if you have any.

Even if you don’t have bluetooth accessories and cannot listen to the sat nav whilst you’re riding then having it act as a dynamic map right in front of you is still going to be a massive help on those longer journeys or to destinations where you don’t quite know where you are going, and with my other posts on how touring can be so easy you might make more use of it than you think.


Having the ability to reroute on the fly saves you fuel, time, and money.  If you already have a sat nav get yourself one of these great Givi motorbike accessories.

Adiós, HBW.