Givi – History, Mission and Vision

Givi logo Givi was established 30 years ago by Mr Giuseppe Visenzi, a talented rider who distinguished himself in a series of motorcycle races in the sixties, winning third place in the World Championship for 350cc in 1969. After leaving the racing scene his passion for motorcycles led him to create motorcycle accessories and establishing the Company GIVI which in a short time became known worldwide the most important, competitive producers of motorcycle accessories.

Motorbike rider Over the years the company has taken shape. The idea was to move together as an Italian design with a strong technological attitude and a great specific knowledge of materials. With more than 150 employees in production centres in Italy, Europe and USA, Givi made sure they gave the same determination to them as they did with their first Factory in Brescia

Today Givi has brought to life project HPS (Head Protection System) with their mission to provide consistent care by introducing technological solutions of great functionality, detailed care and maximum reliability.
The base of Givi items whether the smallest accessory to the top range helmet there are always two inseparable elements: the most innovative technology and the recognized quality made by hand in Italy.

Givi’s Mission is to allow people to ride with security, elegance and be at ease when travelling with both personal and fragile things that can be taken on two wheels from rider to pillion to your laptop Pc.

Givi History

Givi’s Vision is something that contributes in making products to make life easier that transform the use of motorcycles which is not only practical but comfortable.  Givi creates products that aesthetically pleasing to  both current and potential motorcyclists. Givi wants to be for all users from motorcyclist to scooter riders who use their products for small journeys and transportation in the city.

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