How much is a litre? Capacity of Givi Luggage.

Givi Easy Range T481 at

When looking at luggage solutions for your bike they are all listed by their litre sizes.  Whilst there isn’t anything practical that is more accurate than this I know that I personally would struggle to be able to tell the difference between 26 litres and 30 litres.  Obviously one is bigger than they other but [...]

Givi Ultra Mobile Luggage.

Givi T478 XStream Rucksack

If you have more than one bike or if you need to be able to walk around with your luggage because you’re a student or perhaps going travelling and need more mobility with your luggage then check out these ultra portable luggage sets from Givi.   First up is the Givi T487 – part of [...]

Scooters! – Yamaha Majesty 125-150, 01-09.

Givi Yamaha Majesty

The Yamaha Majesty scooter consistently gets great reviews for it’s comfort, quietness and handling. Givi support this bike with both the Monolock and the Monokey range. The Majesty needs either a corresponding Monokey plate for Monokey Top Cases, the SR46, or the SR46M, which is designed for Monolock top cases.  Click here for the differences [...]